Sunday, December 20, 2009

Getting Carded - Making the Most of Busines Cards

Tis’ the season: for getting carded!

If you’re like me, you’re out and about much more these days running holiday errands, catching coffee with friends, wrapping up work and school projects, lending a helping hand, and attending various social functions and party’s. It’s the most wonderful time of the year (sing along)!

If you own a small business, this time of year “presents” a great opportunity to meet people who might become new customers or have something to contribute to your business!

STOP… answer this question: It is now ____ o’clock… do you know where your business cards are? If someone were to approach you right now and engage you in a conversation about you and your business, would you have a business card to hand them?

If you answered YES! Well done (and read on)… If you answered NO: Help has arrived! (read on)…

Even with all of the marketing and advertising options you have these days, your business card remains your most effective selling tool. Why? It’s a simple way to give someone you meet the information they need about you to further the relationship or conversation. Your card can “open the door” to a phone call, a follow-up email, a visit to your website or office. The best part: business cards are affordable and portable! You can carry them with you everywhere!

The trick is… to be sure you always DO carry them … ALL OF THE TIME!

You never know when or where you will be when you meet someone you want to give your business card to. This someone may be a potential customer, partner, collaborator, advisor, investor or may know someone who could be any one of the above.

You may be at the grocery store, the car wash, the doctor’s office, at a party, on the slopes, a coffee shop, in class, a restaurant, the park, at church, the movies, the skating rink, the gym, a bar…or this time of year… stuck in a long check-out line!

Since, we often meet the most important people in the most unexpected places, you ALWAYS need to have your business cards with you!!

Here’s a TIP
To avoid getting out there without your business cards, take a few minutes and grab a generous stack of cards. Now, stick them in… all of your wallets and purses and bags (so whichever one you carry…you’re covered… especially important when taking an evening bag to a Holiday function!)

Stick some cards in your laptop case, your golf bag, ski bag, gym bag, make-up bag,
baby stroller and diaper bag, backpack and travel bags, all of your coat pockets, and my favorite…keep a batch of business cards in your car!

That way, if you arrive somewhere and realize you’ve forgotten business cards, you’ve got a back-up… right there in your car!

Here’s another TIP
Be “business card worthy”!
When someone hands you a business card, treat it like a gift! Don’t just take it and stick it in your pocket…stop, look at the card, and comment on it. Repeat their name, say something about their card, their business, anything! This is a great way to show your interest in them, your gratitude for receiving their card and leaves quite an impression. Plus, you will have an easier time remembering them and they will certainly remember you!

Follow these tips, so you’ll be ready to get out there and get carded this season, because getting carded can be good for business!

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