Monday, March 1, 2010

What Successful Athletes and Entrepreneurs have in Common

Watching the recent Winter Olympics got me thinking about how being successful in business is in many ways similar to being successful in sports.
Being successful as an entrepreneur or as an athlete starts with having a passion for your business or your sport.
Both require a strong commitment and many sacrifices to be successful.
Success in both requires good coaching and a team of supporters in your court.
Continues training and education is key to success in any sport or business.
Persistence, practice and patience are required.
Knowing and understanding your competition is critical!
Both require strategic planning to determine the best approach to win!
Having a contingency plan in place is critical for athletes and entrepreneurs when things just don’t go your way.
And when you stumble and fall in an athletic event or in business you get up – brush yourself off – learn from your mistakes and you try again!
If you’re willing to take the risk, give it your all and persist when the odds are against you - you just might score a gold medal in your sport or your business!

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