Friday, December 10, 2010

Last Minute Ways to Attract Customers this Holiday Season

It’s not too late to drive customers to your business to do their holiday shopping!  Just because your business is small doesn’t mean you can’t attract customers like the big boys do!

As the time gets shorter take advantage of technology to do so.  Email and social media are the way to go!   But be careful and be thoughtful because there is a lot of “noise” out there.  You don’t want your message to get lost.Personally I’m receiving at least five emails a day from retailers – both large and small tempting me with Holiday specials.  But never fear – if you have a loyal customer base that likes what you have to offer they will pay attention to your message if it’s well crafted – and if it grabs their attention.

Pull out your customer email list (I hope you have one!) and craft emails that are short and sweet with a subject line such as “Buy 1 get one free” – “50% off specials this week” – “free shipping and gift wrapping”.  This time of year most of us are looking for ways to save money and save time!   Keep this in mind when reaching out to your customers.

Consider VIP offers to your best customers.  We all like to feel appreciated and special so contact those who are your regular customers and invite them in for a special deal or event such as a private Holiday Sale or Open House.  Create a festive atmosphere with good eats, Christmas music, and of course great deals and they will come and they will spend! 

Social media is also a great (and free) way to reach out to your customers this season.  Set up a Facebook page if you don’t have one yet.  Then use it to invite your customers to be your friends so you can alert them to specials and events at your place of this business this season.  It really works.  The key is to use it and use it consistently.  If you have a retail store for example, include photos of your store that shows how festive it is and shows new products coming in or sale products.  Post photos of items that you have few of and say – only a few of these left and they’re on sale!  This will create a sense of urgency and it’s likely one of your Facebook friends will ask to buy it before they even come into the store!   Personally – I’ve done that.  A retail store posted a photo of an item.  I saw it – I wanted it!  I emailed them and said “Please hold that for me” and I bought it!  

Anything you can do to get customers into your place of businesss is key right now.  Times-a-wasting so get your messages out there and go get’em!  Good Luck and Happy Holiday selling!

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