Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer in Maine Bucket List

Hard to believe Memorial Day weekend is upon us – especially considering the “March-like” weather we’ve been having lately!  All the more reason to remind you that summer in Maine is a precious and fleeting thing!   So – it’s time for my annual “Summer Bucket List” reminder.   This is a Memorial Day tradition that I established a few years ago and I encourage you to give it a try.

Too often we take this place for granted and it takes visitors from “away” to remind us how lucky we are to live here.   My brother visits every summer – bringing his kids to Maine from New Jersey.   It blows my mind how much they do and experience in their week here – while I have all the time in the world and sometimes “never get around” to enjoying half of what he does in seven days.   We get so busy with our “lives” that we often fail to really enjoy and appreciate what Maine has to offer!

So this weekend – take a moment with yourself and your family and create your 2011 Summer in Maine Bucket List – 10 things you MUST do between Memorial Day and Columbus Day.  Your list can include things you like to do every summer – places to visit, events to attend, food to eat.  But try to add a few new things this year.   Is there a place in Maine you’ve always wanted to visit – but never seem to get around to?  A festival you always mean to attend – or an outdoor adventure you’ve always wanted to experience.  

Ten things to do between now and Columbus Day – seems like a piece of cake doesn’t it?  But I have often struggled to complete my bucket list.   Trying to accomplish my list takes some effort as summer is busy with out-of-state family visiting, work obligations, chores and of course weather is a factor.

This process is much like writing a business plan.  It helps you set goals and priorities and you are far more likely to do what’s on your list – if you’ve written it down!   If you have a family - make this a fun family activity and after the list is complete – post it someplace in your house to check off the list as you go.   Mine will live on my refrigerator starting this weekend!

I’m excited to get going on my 2011 Summer in Maine bucket list and I encourage you to do the same!   We’ve had a challenging winter and Spring so we deserve to have a little fun between now and when the gloves come out again!  


  1. I am curious as to what's on your list? Mine is to get back up to Baxter at least once with the kids and be a 'tourist' in Camden for the day since that's only a little drive away from here.
    @ Creative Kristi