Sunday, April 5, 2009

Facebook - Not Just for Teenagers!

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are not just for teenagers any more. An increasingly number of small business owners are finding these sites to be great for business!

Companies use these sites to communicate with customers, promote themselves, recruit employees and conduct market research.

Here are some social networking dos and don’ts for your business

Do use social networking sites to network!

Because these sites are usually free and reach millions of people worldwide, they are a cost-effective networking and marketing tool

Do exchange information

Social networking sites offer opportunities to join groups and discussions related to your interests including operating a small business

Do use these sites to grow your brand

Make sure your social networking sites reflect your business in a positive fashion and include links to your companies website

Don’t over sell

It’s ok to promote your business on these sites - to announce news and special events

But you will turn people off if it appears you are using these sites solely for advertising purposes.
Finally – just like you tell your kids – be sure to proceed with caution when it comes to knowing who your on-line friends are …

… and won’t your kids be thrilled when you tell them you have a Facebook page too!

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