Monday, May 18, 2009

Marketing the Old Fashioned Way

We’re all aware that using the web and social media to market our businesses is critical in this age of technology. But don’t discount the impact of a more traditional approach to your marketing efforts …
Here are three to try -

One - send out handwritten thank you notes to show appreciation to a customer, another business or an organization that has supported you in some way. These days we don’t expect nor do we often receive handwritten notes - so it’s a great way to make a good impression and stand out. Sure - it takes more effort than sending an email thank you - but the impact will be far greater!

Two - Make a follow-up phone call to customers. For example, a hair salon owner calls every new customer after their first service to make sure they are happy. Try this - it’s a great way to show appreciation and build customer loyalty.

Three - Invite your best customers to a VIP appreciation event and encourage them to bring a friend. Show off your business - and offer free or discounted products and services and coupons for future discounts. Make it a night to remember so your guests will remember you.

Give these more traditional marketing approaches a try - because sometimes getting back to basics can be very good for business.

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