Friday, May 1, 2009

Social Networking Etiquette

You may be among the growing number of businesses discovering the advantage of using social networking sites to promote their businesses, including Facebook, and Twitter.

It’s important to remember that everything you post to these sites not only reflects on you – but also on your business – so here are 5 Social Net-iquette tips to help make a good impression while using these sites.

1. Post positive!
Don’t use these sites to vent about what’s not working in your life or business and never bad mouth others – you never know whom you might offend and potential customers might be reluctant to do business with you if they fear you might post something negative about them!

2. Keep it mostly business
It’s ok to post personal entries - but if you’re using these sites primarily to promote your business – the ratio of business related postings should exceed personal one’s.

3. Become viewed as an expert in your field - by posting articles, links or information related to your business or industry. That way – when people are looking for an expert in a particular area – they’ll automatically think of you.

4. Unless your business is as a political commentator
- steer clear of potentially controversial topics including politics and religion to avoid offending or turning off a potential customer.

5. Do join groups related to your business or area of expertise and participate in the discussions to network and learn from like-minded individuals with similar interests.

Follow these tips to ensure you make the best impression the next time you update your status on a social networking site.

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