Friday, January 15, 2010

Preparing for the Worst So You Can Recover

We don't like to think about it - but every business needs to be prepared for the worst and should have an emergency preparedness plan in place! Whether you are planning for a temporary business interruption such as a power failure - or a complete loss - such as a fire - the time to prepare is BEFORE disaster strikes!
Your plan should include the following…

Plan what you’ll do if your current location is not accessible and identify a back up location where you can run your business.

Identify suppliers and others that you must interact with on a daily basis and keep their contact information at an off site location.

Also keep copies of vital business records at an off site location.

Finally - your employees are your business's most valuable asset and must be kept informed in the event of an emergency. Consider setting up a phone calling tree, a page on your website, an email or text alert or call-in voice recording to communicate with employees and provide them with wallet cards detailing instructions on how to get information in an emergency situation.

By creating a disaster recovery plan for your business you improve your chances of getting back to business quickly and you’ll gain peace of mind.

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