Sunday, September 26, 2010

In a rut? Try something new

We are creatures of habit.   We tend to “rinse and repeat” our behaviors when it comes to where we shop, eat and play.  I’m guilty of this.  It’s partly because we’re all so busy that when we do have spare time to get out – we just want what we want and what we know.  So we rarely  - if ever try something new.

How many times have you driven by a storefront or restaurant and thought “I’ve always wanted to go in there.”  I’m encouraging you to do just that!  Loyalty to a particular business is a very good thing so I’m not suggesting you “break up” with your favorite businesses but rather branch out and add some new places to your regular routine.   Unlike personal relationships – it’s ok to be loyal to one business – but have a few others “on the side” that you also enjoy!  

This also applies to how you spend your leisure time.  For example, I’m an avid hiker and tend to hike the same trails because they’re familiar and I know exactly what to expect.  But I’m kind of bored with the “same old - same old” so lately I’ve been hiking new trails and love it!   It’s wonderful to experience something new in a place you’ve called home for many years.  You see things in a whole different light!   My tried and true trails are still part of my hiking repertoire – but it’s nice to expand my horizons. 

As the long winter months approach I’m going to employ the same approach as my survival strategy so I don’t get into that dreaded winter rut!  I will ski new trails, try new places to eat, take in more cultural experiences at museums and theatres while continuing to support and do business with my tried and true favorites!

I encourage you to do the same.  Go into that store you keep walking buy.  Try that restaurant everyone is talking about.  Get out on a new trail.  Attend a festival, concert, theater or other performance you’ve never been to before.   Expanding your horizons is good for your emotional health!   It will reduce boredom and remind you that we have so much going on here and you’ll feel renewed and invigorated experiencing it.   Take your family and friends with you and pass it on by telling others about the new places you’ve been to!  Not only will this be good for you it will be good for the businesses you’ll be supporting.  Many of whom have likely been here a long time just waiting for you to discover them!


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