Sunday, January 16, 2011

Time to tend to the garden

I just spent the last week cleaning up my website.  I also spent it cleaning out closets, medicine cabinets and that scary junk drawer in my kitchen.   Next up is my blog, closet and paperwork.   I know from past history that January is the month when I’m most motivated to get my life in order.   After that - forget about it!    I strongly encourage you to do the same.

There’s no better time of year to get your ducks in order for the rest of the year!   If you need motivation – go to any major retail store and you’ll see lots of great and fun storage options!   Seems retailers know that I’m not alone in this urge to get organized in January.   Many stores have entire sections loaded with storage bins, baskets and more in all sorts of fun textures, sizes, shapes and colors. 

I often look at life like a garden with a lot of seeds planted that need to be tended to in order to grow.  Getting organized is a great way to tend to your garden.   Get in there and get dirty and take a look at what is thriving, what is dying, what needs more fertilizer and what needs to be pulled out and moved to the compost pile.   If you don’t tend to your garden it will get out of control and all those seeds you planted that have a chance to grow and thrive and be successful will get crowded and choked out by the seeds that have rotted.   You need to get in there and clean out what is not growing and let the sun shine in on the seeds with the most potential.

I realize I’m getting deep here - but it’s so true!  Take the time now to tend to your garden.   Look at your business and personal life and all the seeds you’ve got planted.   How do you want your garden to grow this year?  Which seeds are worth continuing to nurture, which ones need to be pulled and what new seeds should you plant.  Then do it! 

Many of us dread or have a hard time finding the time to focus on a “project” such as cleaning up our website or organizing our finances but once you start -momentum will carry you forward.   Once you accomplish cleaning out one part of your “garden” you’ll want to move to the next.  If feels so good, so satisfying to feel back in control and to know that you’ve done everything you can to create an environment where all those seeds you’ve planted stand the greatest chance for success in the coming year!


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