Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year - NEW Attitude

I recently read a great quote about “attitude” being the only thing we can control.  How true!  As we ring in the New Year after what has been a rather challenging year for many of us I’m reminded how important attitude is.
You can’t always control your circumstances or how other people act or think or decisions made in your job, your business or your personal life that affect you.  But you can control our attitude. 

A friend was telling me about the industry he works in and his frustration with the way the industry is being operated and managed these days.  It has affected his ability to do his job the way he thinks it should be done and it’s also impacted his paycheck.  He’s frustrated because these decisions are entirely out of his control.  He vents on occasion and then feels better – sort of.  But he’s accepted the fact that worrying about changes and decisions that he has no control over is pointless.  He’s recognized the importance to his mental health of maintaining a positive attitude in spite of the challenges.

Another friend was laid off from her job this past year.  Obviously not a decision she made for herself.  After a period of shock, anger and feeling sorry for herself she changed her attitude and viewed the loss as an opportunity to make a positive change.  She embarked on a business venture that she had wanted to do for some time and decided that this was the time to do it and she hasn’t been happier.

Another dear friend lost most of her home in a fire this year.  Such a tragic accident but fortunately the family made it out safe.  After dealing with the loss - the family has embraced a positive attitude about the opportunity to rebuild a house the way they have always wanted it to be and are counting their blessings that the situation wasn’t much worse.

I have a “24 hour” rule when things don’t go my way or as planned.  I allow myself 24 hours to feel sorry for myself and sad.  It’s important to do that – to grieve, to feel sad and disappointed when situations call for that.  But wallowing in it won’t do you or anyone else any good.  So after 24 hours and usually a little “retail therapy” I begin to look for the upside and move on with a positive attitude.  I realize this is easier said than done sometimes – but it can be done. 

So as we enter a New Year think not about what you hope to accomplish this year or the resolutions you hope not to break but rather think about the attitude you will embrace in the coming year.   It’s the only thing you can control and it feels really good when you make thinking positive a part of your daily life.  It makes the good times even better and the tough times easier to push through. 

Happy “positive" New Year

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