Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Secrets to getting media attention

Many of you have been asking me how you can get more media attention for yourselves and your business.   Some have asked to be guests on my radio show – Back to Business (shameless self promotion), others want to get on other radio shows, get your stories in newspapers/magazines and on TV.
Sure – you could send a News Release  - and hope you get a call!   But if you want to be successful you need to know two things…

  1. What is the compelling “story” you have to tell or valuable information you have to share?
  2. What are these media outlets “looking for”?
I love it when someone asks to be on my show!   That is the most flattering compliment and we media folks love compliments!   But I also take what I do very seriously in terms of what will appeal to my audience?    Asking to be on my show solely to “sell” your business, your new product or service won’t get you far.   You have to share something that will be of value to my audience.   That may include your “story” about getting into business or something you’ve learned about being in business that others would benefit from.

It has to be the right “fit” for my show and that is true with every other media outlet.  If you want to be on my show – listen to my show!   If you want to be in the EDGE – read it!  (you’re reading this – so you’re one step ahead).  Do your research before you make your “ask”!    A lot of my “asks” come to me via email and Facebook/Twitter and that’s how I like it!   You can often find out how media outlets like to be approached simply by visiting their websites.

Speaking of Facebook and Twitter – did you know that media people “mine” social media sites for stories?   So, if you’re not using social media for your business – you are missing out on potential opportunities to attract media coverage.

Social media and face-to-face networking is key to gaining media exposure for your business.  Media people are just that – people - and we need you because we need content!  So, when we’re thinking about stories and looking for people – if you’re “top of mind” – you stand a great chance of getting the “call”.  

If you do get the “call” for a interview – do whatever it takes to say, “YES”.   Like you – media people are busy multi-tasking so the less time we have to spend chasing you down  – the better!    If you’re asked for an interview and say “no” repeatedly – we’ll stop asking you and ask someone else (it’s a lot like dating).   And if you fail to show up for our “date” without good reason – and stand us up (unless you have a compelling reason) don’t expect to be asked “out” again.

But if you respond enthusiastically to our request, show up on time, are prepared and bring value to what we’re doing – the chances are good that we will ask you “out” again and your first media “date” will lead to many more!

Remember – we need you as much as you need us and when it’s the right fit and we come together and make “media magic” – it’s a “win – win” for both of us!