Saturday, May 29, 2010

Don't Forget Your Business Cards

Even with all of the options available to promote your business these days, your business card remains your most effective marketing tool.

It’s a simple way to give someone you meet the information they need about you to further the relationship or conversation.

The best part: business cards are affordable and portable! You can carry them with you everywhere!

The trick is… to be sure you always DO carry them. Since, we often meet the most important people in the most unexpected places, you ALWAYS need to have your cards with you!!

Here’s a TIP:
Grab a generous stack of business cards and stick them in…
all of your coat pockets, your wallets and bags…including your gym bag
…and always keep a batch of business cards in your car!

That way, if you arrive somewhere and realize you’ve forgotten your cards, you’ve got them right there in your car…

Follow these tips, so you’ll be ready to get out there and get carded
…because getting carded can be good for business!

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