Saturday, February 6, 2010

Surviving Sick Time

Have you given thought to what you would do if you or your key employees were too sick to come to work?

Here are some tips for surviving sick time…
1. While everyone is still healthy - identify what jobs are critical to your operation and cross train others to perform those jobs.

2. Encourage your employees to stay home when they’re sick! Sick employees are bad for business… they’re less productive, prone to making mistakes and likely to spread their illness to other employees and customers.

3. When illness strikes your workplace the number one priority should be to get well. If that means it’s not business as usual for a period of time - then so be it. The sooner people take care of themselves - the sooner everyone will be back to business.

And finally… unless you want to lose a customer - never let a sick person interact with a customer. It’s much better to postpone the transaction or even to close your doors temporarily. Your customers will appreciate your efforts not to infect them.

Remember - The best time to make a sickness survival plan for your business is when you’re healthy!

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