Monday, February 1, 2010

What Mickey Mouse Can Teach us about BIZ Success!

If you’ve been there – you know that Disney sets the standard for creating an exceptional experience for their guests - an experience that keeps people coming back for more!. Any business can adopt the Disney model to keep your customers coming back for more.

Here are the 4 key areas Disney focuses on…

One - Safety
You may not have to concern yourself with the safety of a roller coaster – but you should pay attention to anything in your business that could pose a potential hazard – such as food , building safety, and keeping vehicles repaired.

Two - Show

You don’t need to break out into a song and dance every time someone enters your business – but you do want your business to show well. From the cleanliness of your bathrooms, to lighting to how you display merchandise to your signage.

Three - Courtesy

Have you ever met a Disney character that wasn’t nice? I doubt it – be nice, be courteous and provide your customers with the best service you can and they will return again and again.

Four - Efficiency
Disney designs their parks to be efficient and easy for people to navigate. Design your place of business to make it user friendly for your customers to get in and get out in a timely fashion.

We can learn a lot from Disney when it comes to running a successful operation – and we don’t need to wear Mickey Mouse ears to do it --- unless you want to that’s up to you!

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