Monday, April 5, 2010

Laugh It Up!

It's April Fools week and that means we can expect "kick-me" signs and whoopee cushions. Having been raised by the "King of Pranks" " my dad " I'm a big fan of good fun. Dad taught us at a young age that it's important to take what you do seriously " but to not take yourself too seriously.
He was the dad boys feared " showing up prom night to greet my date in full military gear carrying a saber sword. He terrified my little friends during sleepovers, making the house sound "haunted." He taught me how to short sheet a bed and presented me with a "GO BIG RED" toilet seat to celebrate my childhood nickname.
My dad is now working his "magic" on the next generation and I'm thrilled that my nieces and nephews will also grow up with laughter and feeling one part totally mortified by my dad and another part " totally proud!
My dad's sense of humor continues to influence me as I make my way in this world. I can't imagine a life without humor and laughter. Life is hard sometimes, and if you own a business it can be especially so. There are days when things just don't go your way " when things feel hopeless " when everything you try to do backfires. Those are the days when maintaining a sense of humor is so tough, yet so important. I've been there. I've been in situations where I thought, "You just can't make this stuff up" " and then I laugh! I tell myself I will survive this and it will make a great story someday; then I laugh a little more.
Life is short, life is full of amazing moments and yeah " the hard stuff too. Business is the same. There are days when you feel like a rock star and others when you think, "Why am I even doing this?" It's those times when you are the most stressed and under the most pressure when laughter becomes even more important.

Laughing is good for us emotionally and it's good for us physically. It will not only relieve your stress but help relieve the stress of the people with whom you work and the people you love. We all feel better, happier and safer in environments where people are encouraged to work hard, get it done and have a good time doing it. So laugh a little, laugh a lot and, like my dad, encourage those around you to laugh right along with you.

Bring on the whoopee cushions!

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