Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dogs in the Office?

More and more businesses are allowing employees to bring their dogs to work. The upside can be a boost in morale, employee retention a reduction in stress levels and absenteeism. Certainly, not every business is suited for pets - but if your business is considering it – here are some tips for making it work.
Because not everyone is a dog lover ask all employees if they’re ok with having dogs in the office.
Then establish rules such as -
· All dogs should be clean, healthy and flea free before coming to work.
· Dogs should not be allowed to roam the halls and offices freely.
· Dogs must be housebroken and their owners must take responsibility for taking them outside for needed breaks.
· Dogs who are disruptive and who do not adapt well to the workplace - should be kept at home.
If you’re considering allowing employees to bring their dogs to work be sure to ask your employees for their opinion, establish rules and policies and then do a trial run – you might find that letting your business go to the dogs is good for morale and thus - good for business!

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  1. A great update. Thank you, Deb!
    -Mike and Commissioner Gordon