Sunday, June 6, 2010

Success begins with Good Dirt

I'm guessing that, like me, you're taking advantage of this great weather to plant your gardens, window boxes and hanging baskets. I love this time of year, planting something that I can nurture into beauty and enjoy for the coming months. I have to admit that I've spent a small fortune on dirt - yep, dirt. In fact my flowers and plants have cost me less than the dirt they're planted in. But I'm a big believer that my plants will grow larger and healthier, be more beautiful and last longer if they're planted in the best soil to nurture them. So I buy the best dirt I can afford, the best plants I can find, plant them with loving care and throughout the coming months I will dead head and fertilize them frequently.It made me think that this exercise is very similar to starting and operating a business.
Too often I've seen people jump into a business enterprise without taking the time to invest in making sure the business was planted well so that it could grow and thrive successfully. This means taking the time to be sure a market exists for your product or service and that you have the knowledge to grow the business or partners who do and that you really understand the cash flow and start-up costs associated with your new business.

Too often we just want to get started. We want to skip over the hard parts or the costly parts. We want to get those flowers in the ground or pots without properly preparing the soil. We want to open the doors of our business without proper planning and just hope that it will work รข€“ that it will grow anyway.
Too often we rush things before they're ready. You can't rush a seed to sprout, you can't rush a flower to bloom and you can't rush a business venture. Timing is everything, as is proper preparation, so spend the time preparing the soil that you will plant your business into. Make sure it's rich with knowledge, planning, people and strategy. Much like the flowers in my hanging baskets, if the soil is not the best it can be, your business will not thrive and may not survive  - especially when faced with the stressors and challenges all plants and business face.
Once you plant your business and your flowers you can't just let them go. You have to pay attention to them and tend to them on a regular basis. Feed them, keep an eye on them and make the necessary adjustments to grow them successfully. So get out there and get planting after you prepare the soil to ensure that you will enjoy beautiful and healthy results well into the future.

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  1. Great post Deb! I also think that part of growing a business is consistently investing in personal development. This helps you take your business to the next level!