Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fusion Marketing Works!

On of the best and least expensive ways to promote your business is to partner with other businesses and promote each other! This is called Fusion marketing.
An example would be downtown businesses offering discount cards to neighboring businesses. Other examples include landscapers partnering with builders, wedding photographers with florists and so on.

Here are tips for making fusion marketing work for you…

- Identify businesses that share the same customers as you but who aren’t in the same business as you.

Two - Determine what each participating business will offer the customers.

Three - Write up a simple agreement between the partnering businesses that states what role each will play and what they will offer.

Four - Develop marketing materials to promote the program benefits to customers.

Five - Combine customer mailing lists with your partners and get the word out via email, the web, word of mouth and flyers.

In today’s economy fusion marketing is a great way to work collaboratively with other businesses to bring business to both your doors at little or no cost.

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